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Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds

Also known as Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds, Kid Congo Powers And The Pink Monkey Birds

Steve Gibbons Band

Also known as Original Steve Gibbons Band, The, SGB, Steve Gibbons Band, The, Steve Gibbons Band. The

Sean Woodward

Also known as Gothic Knowledge, Gothick Knowledge

Korda György

Also known as Дьердь Корда, György Korda, Gyuri Bácsi

Ingo Martens

Also known as Azzi Do Da Bass, Azzido, Azzido Ba Bass, Azzido da Base, Azzido De Bass

Maria Amarghioalei

Also known as Наргита, Narghita

William Patrick Bennett

Also known as Bennett, W.P. Bennett, William P. Bennett, Willie P. Bennet

Mihaela-Maria Neagu

Also known as М. Михай, Михаэла Михай

Peter French

Also known as French, P French, P. French, Pete, Pete French

International Submarine Band, The

Also known as Gram Parsons International Submarine Band, Gram Parsons' International Submarine Band, International Submarine Band

Los Jaivas

Also known as Jaivas, Les Jaivas, Los Jaiṽas

Luis Alberto Spinetta

Also known as L. A. Spinetta, L.A. Spinetta, L.A.S., L.A.Spinetta, Luís Alberto Spinetta, Luis A. Spinetta, Luis Alberto, Spinetta, Spinettta

Mojinos Escozios

Also known as David Big Band, Humarea, Il TImo, Kinkiss, La Coral Bajillas, Los Asaúra, Los Podríos Por Dentro, Los Superchingones, Los Vueltos Despaldas, Mojinos Escocios, Mojinos Escozíos

Dan Carey & Massimo Bonaddio

Also known as Mr Dan & Massimo, Mr.Dan & Massimo

Joe Henderson

Also known as Henderson, J Henderson, J. Henderson, Joseph Henderson

Bobby Lyle

Also known as B. Lyle, Bobby "The Genie" Lyle, Bobby Lyles, Lyle, Robert Lyle, Robert S. Lyle

Chauki Maddi

Also known as Madi, T Madi, T. Madi

Åge Aleksandersen Og Sambandet

Also known as Åge Aleksandersen & Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen M/Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen Med Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen Sambandet, Åge Aleksandersen, Sambandet, Sambandet

Oliver Nelson

Also known as Nelson, O. Nelson, O.Nelson, Oliver, Oliver E. Nelson, Oliver Edward Nelson, Olivier Nelson, S. Nelson
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